Sunday, January 8, 2012

How is This Still Even a Question?

Well ho-lee shit...

Alright. You know it, and I know it, but apparently some people still haven't figured it out yet. Marriage isn't necessarily a religious rite. As soon as the government began conveying specific benefits, rights and advantages, that was no longer the case. We have this piece of paper, a pretty important piece of paper, that guarantees the separation of religon and government. You call it the Bill of Rights. I call it 'End of Discussion'.

Eventually, at the rate things are moving, the federal government extending those rights to same-sex couples won't even be an issue. Six states, so far (soon to be more) have passed legislation, either in general elections or in congressional sessions, that gives gay couples the same rights as hetero couples. At what point are the scales going to tip, though? When will we, as a country... as a society... hell, as a race, stand up and go "Holy shit, what the hell were we thinking? Why did we ever argue about this?" ... the cynic in me is saying 'Pssht, never... idiot'... I'm not an optomist, so that's pretty much as far as that goes.

The fundamental religous groups like to throw around the notion that, somehow, to be gay is to be particularly and exceptionally promiscuous, yet here is this desire from the gay community to be committed and monogomous to one person... I know... kinda fucks up the party line. How the fuck do we hate people who want to be exactly like us? Well... clearly they're fucking up family values by... uhh... wanting to demonstrate that they have family values.

Then we have assholes like this over here who are just perpetuating a cycle of hate, and worse they're justifying that hate under the guise of religion. The levels on which this pisses me off are manifold.

How the FUCK does two guys stemming the rose, in a committed and monogomous relationship, with a signed court document, violate the sanctity of Jack and/or Shit? I know... that sounds like a rhetorical question... doesn't it?

There are six states, in all, that are putting the issue up this year, my home state of Washington being one of them. Here's hoping all six pass and more states follow suit.

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