Monday, January 9, 2012

No Hope, No Cash, No Jobs...

It's becoming increasingly popular, among journalists who still think Obama is their boyfriend, to report on the steady, teasing, trickle of jobs being 'created' by the current administration. Point of fact, they really didn't. What they managed to do is increase spending on temporary contractors and independent employees. I expect, if you tally up total man-hours, figuring 40 hours a week, 52 weeks a year, the total number would be a damn-sight lower.

According to the people who actually track this shit, (that's the Federal Bureau of Labor Statistics, not NPR, btw) the total number of jobs created in the last two years has only been around 120,000. Consider that, prior to Chocolate Jesus taking office (he's not your boyfriend), the unemployment rate was around 5%. Alright, I'll grant you that the spike in 2009 was not of his making. That was back-lash from Giggles McFuck-Nut (you know him as George Bush) spending 8 years making a mockery of the presidency. So, in all, the spike to 10.1% that took less than a year (a ~5% jump) has taken more than two years now to recover just 1.3%...

I know, that's a lot of math there, and I may have lost some conservatives. Let me explain. We went from 5% (appx 15 million) of Americans being unemployed, to 10.1% at the peak (appx 30 million). Thats  a relatively small number... getting REALLY FUCKING BIG in just 11 months. Now, here we are at the beginning of 2012 and we've only recovered by 1.6%. So, in nearly two years since unemployment spiked, less than 500,000 people came off the unemployment teat. Yet, Barry-O is claiming responsibility for creating 2.6 million new jobs? ... Where?! How the fuck do I get one, because obviously they haven't been filled yet?!

Am I the only one reading this shit? Do these monkeys really believe the American public isn't going to fact check?

Apparently they do, because Mitt Romney is the front runner for the GOP nomination, and there are a cock wad of other knuckle-heads who have an equally fair shot... Hell, Michelle (Crazy Tits) Bachmann was a serious contender for a while there.

So, as it stands, I'm not voting for Obama again. I'm damn sure not voting for a Republican that isn't Ron Paul and if Mitt Romney gets the GOP nod, I'm either gonna write in this little fella:

Cross my fingers and hope that R. Lee Wrights (who I disagree with on a number of issues, but he's neither a giant douche nor a turd-sandwich), or... Fuck it, I'll run on the independent ticket my goddamn self.

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  1. I am just glad to finally see that someone actually gets it. I hear you!