Saturday, January 7, 2012

Politics -- I'm throwing my hat in this ring too.

Another Rich White Guy runs for the Republican presidential nomination, and for once I'm not a-Paul-ed (I couldn't help myself) by his platforms. I'm also, happily, not the first to see the media shit-storm for what it really is.

Now, I am, by no means, a Republican, but I'm also not one to continue taking it in the ass from Chocolate Jesus for another four years. Mae West said,“When choosing between two evils, I always like to try the one I've never tried before”, and I, for one, agree with her. I'd rather try out a bit of something new and different. Is there a chance that it'll be worse? Yes. Is there a chance that it might get better? Absolutely. Is there a chance that it'll be more of the same self-aggrandizing bullshit that we've heard for the last four years? Not really. I expect all new self-aggrandizing bullshit. It's American Politics, and until we get rid of this stupid fucking two-party system, it's really all we have.

I'm of the opinion that no party gets it all right all the time. The Libertarians want to do away with the USDA, a government body that ensured that my hard working single mother of two was able to feed my brother and I while busting her ass at a minimum wage job she had to drive to, 45 minutes a day in a rusted out 20 year old VW Beetle. The Democrats are limp-wristed pussies who can't even get their shit together on a single polarizing issue long enough to mount a suitable defense of it in their own fucking house. That says a lot about how well the Democratic wagons are circled in defense of Barry 'Chocolate Jesus' Obama. The Green Party is so vehemently 'Green' that they'd rather shoot themselves in the foot than actually utilize the long term energy resources available. And finally, the Republicans... I'm not going to say all Republicans are racist, but ... "If you're racist, you're probably Republican". That said... every now and again, one of these ding-bats hits a home run.

Wouldn't it be nice if there was one candidate, just one time, that you could point to and go 'That motherfucker right there just said everything I've been thinking since I was old enough to stop shitting in my pants'. They say that if you're a Republican before you're thirty you have no heart, and if you're a Democrat after you're thirty you have no brain... What if you've never been either?

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